What is VAPE?

VAPE is the governance and utility token for VaporDEX, our decentralized exchange on the Avalanche network. As VaporDEX grows and evolves, VAPE will be an increasingly integral part of our DEX and ecosystem. Holding VAPE gives you access to participate in governance measures related to VaporDEX and VAPE itself — as well as giving you access to incremental value experiences that require VAPE to participate or benefit from.

As VaporDEX and our ecosystem grows, VAPE will play a critical role in enabling our community to benefit from the value experiences that are available through our products, solutions, and services. With the VAPE token, we’re designing a token economy that is ideally suited to continually adapt and evolve with our macro ecosystem. VAPE’s role grows in the direction that the ecosystem grows.

When you earn VAPE through one of its primary markets, it’s evidence and a celebration of you contributing value to your peer community through one or more ways. VAPE is not an incentive, it’s a reward. VAPE is not for everyone, its for anyone who adds value through our carefully designed products and value experiences.

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