Telos on VaporDex

VaporDex is now integrated with the Telos network enabling LP providers to be able to earn fees in a whole new way. As with Avalanche LP providers receive 100% of the fees generated from swaps.

The only difference is that LP providers will have to go through an additional step when adding liquidity to Concentrated Liquidity Pools (V2) with the native coin TLOS. When adding liquidity with TLOS users will be taken to a new page where they will first have to wrap the TLOS before it can be added to the pool. This is due to the way that the Telos EVM works and only has to be done for Concentrated Pools, not Stanard Pools (V1). Once wrapped it can be added with any other supported Telos tokens.

For information on how to get TLOS see the next section.

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