Stratosphere Rewards

Last, but certainly not least, the largest allocation of the initial supply of VAPE goes to Stratosphere which receives 60% of the total supply.

Stratosphere is in and of itself a major point of differentiation for us, and now its utility and value proposition will massively expand with the addition of Reward Seasons and Personalized Rewards. Stratosphere will reward its members (based on their actions across our ecosystem) with raw materials that can be used to mint up to but no more than 12.6M VAPE tokens. The more value Stratosphere members add to our ecosystem, the greater their ability to earn and manufacture VAPE.

As part of our Stratosphere Beta design, members will become eligible to earn VAPE materials in a variety of ways. As we begin to move out of the Pre-Enrollment phase and into a multi-phase Beta, we’ll share a robust roadmap and timing for key Stratosphere features that open the door to allowing members to earn VAPE.

Stratosphere Rewards have their own set of unique mechanics, we’ll explore some now and unveil the rest in greater detail in subsequent publications and community releases.

  • Rewards will only be available to Stratosphere members

  • Stratosphere will emit rewards as one or more type of manufacturable raw VAPE element, but will not emit VAPE directly from the initial supply — it will always need to undergo some part of the manufacturing process

  • Rewards can be awarded in a targeted or personalized manner, or as part of our Reward Seasons deploying during the Beta phase of Stratosphere

  • Emission of manufacturable VAPE materials versus VAPE itself ensures that members still have a marginal cost baked into the minting process which will help manage new supply creation, and establish a price floor derived from the cost to manufacture the VAPE

Stratosphere Rewards is planned to be included in the Stratosphere Beta release as the next evolution beyond our current pre-enrollment stage. We believe that VAPE is best intended for members of the community that contribute the most value to our ecosystem — and Stratosphere allows us an exceptional way to make sure VAPE always finds its way to the individuals who have a vested interest in its long-term success.

Stay tuned for a lot more information on Stratosphere Beta and how Stratosphere Rewards will work.

Now that we’ve reviewed each of the four primary markets and their unique mechanics individually, let’s turn our attention to VAPE manufacturing — a critical construct that serves a variety of purposes for VAPE and the VaporFi community.

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