Token Allocation & Reward Distribution

In total, 8.0% of the total supply of VAPE is allocated to Liquid Mining – equaling a total of 1.68M tokens. At the end of each season. An automatic distribution of VAPE based upon the factors below will happen. The rewards will then be automatically distributed back to the stakeholders wallet. A new season will automatically start after distribution.

· VaporFi Labs determines what % of the preset Reward Pool allocation it will allocate to the season (0-100%)

· This process could evolve in the future so that VaporFi generates 3 options, and then community votes on which option they want via the new governance mechanic (to be designed)

· VAPE tokens are minted at the beginning of the season based on the % determined by VaporFi Labs

· Tokens minted for rewards are escrowed into reward pool, and are held in escrow for the duration of the season

· At the end of the season, participants are allocated tokens based on their share of total points earned

· Once rewards are allocated, participants can are given their their VAPE rewards automatically via distribution.

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