Allocation of initial supply

The total supply of 21M tokens will be allocated across each of the four primary markets in a very prescriptive manner. Each market will have its own independent supply and emissions schedule. These are the only allocations for the initial supply. There will be no tokens allocated to the team, project, or even partnerships.

  • 2.0% for the Genesis Pool, equaling 420,000 tokens

  • 8.0% for Liquid Staking, equaling 1,680,000 tokens

  • 30.0% for Enhanced Staking, equaling 6,300,000 tokens

  • 60.0% for Stratosphere Rewards, equaling 12,600,000 tokens

Above and beyond having their own independent supply and emissions schedule, each of the above primary markets have their own distinct and unique mechanics. This diversity in mechanics allows different value corridors to open up and function as dynamic markets in and of themselves (and relative to each other), enabling the development of different strategies.

Diversity in strategies is key in creating long-term value and an economy that is more resilient to temporary downturns. As one value corridor shrinks, another can expand or become more attractive. We expect and anticipate that as the market value for VAPE and VPND evolve — some primary markets will become more appealing, while others — less so until market conditions swing in favor of the other markets.

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