Seasons Concept Overview

VPND Liquid Mining is a recurring event. A new season starts at the beginning of every month, and it ends on the last day of the calendar month. Rewards are automatically deposited into the mining user's wallet at the end of each season and cannot be claimed before the end of the season. The start and stop of the season will be manually adjusted and monitored during the initial seasons. VaporFi wants to ensure the initial season go smoothly. The only way to do that is through manual intervention.

The seasons concept is in place to ensure that participants have new and interesting ways to participate in earning Vape and using VaporDex.

There will be a minimum of 150 liquid mining seasons. VAPE will not be minted until the very end of the season, based on the amount of VAPE allocated for the season. 15,000 VAPE will be emitted at the end of the first season and emissions will decrease by .41217% each season thereafter.

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