Vape Token

VAPE is a decentralized cryptocurrency with a total supply of 21 million tokens. The token is designed to be used in various primary markets, with a unique mechanism for token distribution and earning opportunities.

Token Supply

  • 40% of the full supply of 21 million tokens can only enter the supply by using VPND to unlock and earn it.

  • 90% of the full supply of 21 million tokens require the collective staking of nodes by the community to generate the power needed to mint new VAPE tokens.

Primary Markets

  • 75% of VAPE's primary markets require VPND to participate in.

  • 100% of VAPE's primary markets allow node owners and VPND holders the opportunity to potentially earn VAPE below market cost.

Allocation of Initial Supply

The total supply of 21 million tokens will be allocated across each of the four primary markets in a very prescriptive manner. Each market will have its own independent supply and emissions schedule. These are the only allocations for the initial supply. There will be no tokens allocated to the team, project, or even partnerships.

  • 2.0% for the Genesis Pool, equaling 420,000 tokens

  • 8.0% for Liquid Staking, equaling 1,680,000 tokens

  • 30.0% for Enhanced Staking, equaling 6,300,000 tokens

  • 60.0% for Stratosphere Rewards, equaling 12,600,000 tokens

In summary, VAPE token is a unique cryptocurrency with a supply mechanism that requires the collective staking of nodes and VPND participation in its primary markets, providing earning opportunities for node owners and VPND holders. The initial supply is distributed among four primary markets with no allocation for the team, project or partnerships.

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