Launching a token

We do not currently support fee-on-transfer tokens, also known as tokens with buy/sell taxes, in our Aggregator (currently under development). Please contact us so that we can inform you when it is completed and assist you with your launch.

To launch a token with transfer rules (such as anti-bot and anti-whale measures), ensure that your token contract whitelists both our Router and Adapter contracts. This will allow these contracts to bypass your token restrictions. For example, this is how the $BAWLS token did the integration:

You can check $BAWLS token code here: VaporDEX Aggregator Router address: 0xDef9ee39FD82ee57a1b789Bc877E2Cbd88fd5caE VaporDEX Aggregator Adapter address: 0x01e5C45cB25E30860c2Fb80369A9C27628911a2b If you need further assitance head over to our Discord server and open a support ticket.

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