Liquid Staking (Direct Emissions)

Liquid Staking which controls 8% of the total supply and functions very similarly to your classic or traditional staking mechanics. When we polled our community, roughly 40% indicated that they wanted simple and traditional staking for VAPE. We think there’s an important role that traditional staking plays, but you know us… copy/paste isn’t our thing.

Liquid Staking will feel familiar to any DeFi veteran but include some fun mechanical perks for Stratosphere members — as well as some under-utilized mechanics to maximize the consistent replenishment of VPND back into the reward pool for nodes.

Liquid Staking carries several notable mechanics which we’ll expand on in future publications:

  • Available to all community members, Stratosphere membership is not required

  • Single-sided staking, deposit VPND to earn VAPE

  • A small portion of VPND is taken from each deposit as a deposit fee, set at 5.0% for day one

  • 1% of the deposit fee is burned permanently, 99% of the deposit fee is sent to the VaporNode reward pool

  • Depositors can withdraw their entire allocation of VPND, but only after the completion of a cooldown period

  • Stratosphere member’s deposit fees and cooldown periods are reduced

  • Full supply of 1.68M VAPE tokens will be emitted over 10+ years

  • Maximum VAPE emissions are preset, stakers earn their fair allocation of VAPE emissions

  • As VAPE is claimed, a 3.0% Liquidity Fee is charged from the claimable and allocated to VaporFi Labs for liquidity management

Liquid Staking has something for everyone. A nod to the classic design and familiarity of DeFi staking mechanics, with our own unique design concepts to benefit our community, our sustainability, and our broader macro economy.

IMPORTANT: While Liquid Staking controls 4x the supply that the Genesis Pool controls, it’s emitted slowly over a 10-year period, compared to the Genesis Pool emitted one-time. The average daily emission from the Liquid Staking pool will be 460 VAPE tokens. Compared to the 420,000 VAPE tokens that will be emitted at the end of the genesis event.

We will be publishing a dedicated Liquid Staking medium article prior to it launching in order to provide final details and a walkthrough on how to participate in this event.

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