Role of Various Community-Driven Valuations

Our community-driven valuation design is a source of immense pride for us and a token launch model that we believe others will use or take inspiration from in the future. By designing our initial emission event in this way, we’ve put the future of VAPE fully in the hands of our capable community.

Here’s a quick rundown on why each of these community-driven values is important.

  • Cost to Acquire creates and quantifies an organic profitability floor

  • Initial Valuation uses Cost to Acquire plus a subjective/aspirational markup value to establish a new valuation

  • Market Valuation requires individuals to pair their VAPE with the real value of VAPE, ensuring that someone isn’t likely to create the secondary market at a 1000x the token’s cost to acquire

  • Cost to Acquire also ensures that the Market Valuation isn’t less than the initial genesis valuation, unless the community is willing to lose value on the secondary market

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