Genesis Pool (Direct Emissions)

The Genesis Pool controls 2% of total supply and functions as a unique one-time emission event that serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, since we are not conducting a token sale of any kind — we need a genesis emission, a way to get the first tokens into circulation in a fair manner with a community-determined valuation.

The Genesis Pool is the single largest emission of VAPE that will ever occur, and is a solution of our own design that allows us to enable and solve for several critical mechanics:

  • Provide an initial emission of tokens that allow one or more liquidity pools to be established and paired with VAPE, which in turn allows for the establishment of a secondary market and functional ongoing price discovery

  • Function as a one-time larger scale replenishment event for the VaporNodes reward pool, removing a large supply of VPND from wallets and lock it up in the reward pool for gradual emission back to nodes

  • Establish a true foundational valuation for the VAPE token, based solely on the opportunity cost willingly accepted by the participants of our genesis emission

  • Incremental and exclusive value experiences for our Stratosphere reward program members

  • Function as a potential floor-escalation event, catalyzing the use for any VPND that can be acquired as an undervalued asset

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