What is Onramper?

Onramper is a ‘fiat onramp aggregator’ that aggregates multiple major fiat-to-crypto onramps in a single easy-to-implement fiat onramp. It means that businesses can integrate Onramper on their website and very easily allow their users to buy crypto using fiat.

By aggregating multiple fiat onramps, Onramper ensures users will always get the best available price for any transaction. Aggregating the multiple onramps provides the best possible coverage of available fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, supported geographies, and payment methods.

The user chooses what crypto he/she wants to buy, what fiat currency is used and what payment method he/she wants to buy it. Onramper then provides the user with a choice between the best available offers from the major fiat onramps. After the user chooses an onramp, he/she can fill in the personal information required by the chosen fiat onramp. Onramper sends all data inputted by the user to the onramp to complete the transaction. For support with On-ramper team - https://onrampmoney.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

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