VAPE Liquid Mining


While both types of Liquid Mining provide a common mechanism for earning rewards there are fundamental differences between the two. With VAPE Liquid Mining there are no season as there are with VPND Liquid Mining. USDC rewards are distributed daily so users can choose when and how they receive their earnings.

Another difference that sets VAPE Liquid Mining apart is that there are absolutely NO mining passes or fees of any kind. This not only encourages users to participate but also provides another layer of complexity and another option for community members that allows them to finetune their involvement and experience within the VaporFi ecosystem.

Lastly VAPE Liquid Mining differs from its counterpart by providing users with more flexibility with deposits and claims. With VPND Liquid Mining users automatically receive their deposits and rewards at the end of each season, however with VAPE Liquid Mining there are no season so participants can leave their deposits locked for as long as they want. They also have the option of claiming their accrued rewards without the need to unlock their deposits.

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