What is the Genesis Pool?

The Genesis Pool controls 2% of total supply and functions as a unique one-time emission event that serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, since we are not conducting a token sale of any kind — we need a Genesis emission, a way to get the first tokens into circulation in a fair manner with a community-determined valuation. Second, it enables the community to be the sole determinant in the initial valuation of VAPE. No artificial or falsely inflated valuations set by the team. Finally, the Genesis Pool is only available to Stratosphere members, and requires VPND to participate — giving both an exclusive initial experience.

The Genesis Pool is the single largest emission of VAPE that will ever occur, and is a unique and transformative solution of our own design that allows us to enable and solve for several critical mechanics:

  • Provide an initial emission of tokens that allow one or more liquidity pools to be established and paired with VAPE, which in turn allows for the establishment of a secondary market and functional ongoing price discovery

  • Function as a one-time larger scale replenishment event for the VaporNodes reward pool, removing a large supply of VPND from wallets and lock it up in the reward pool for gradual emission back to nodes

  • Establish a true foundational valuation for the VAPE token, based solely on the opportunity cost willingly accepted by the participants of our Genesis emission

  • Incremental and exclusive value experiences for our Stratosphere reward program members

  • Function as a potential floor-escalation event, catalyzing the use for any VPND that can be acquired as an undervalued asset

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