Which market to earn VAPE is right for you?

Maybe all four. Maybe just one or two. Maybe none. We’ve designed primary markets and mechanics around VAPE that allow us to offer both traditional and enhanced gamified DeFi experiences. The broader DeFi space thrived in the heyday of passive income, but it’s also what came to cripple most projects. While VaporNodes will still produce VPND passively, VAPE is not a passive asset and our market designs reflect this.

Passive means little to no action. Little to no action means slowing, stagnant, or even negative growth. It’s imperative that our primary markets and emissions benefit our most active and engaged participants. All existing community members have an inherent advantage in each of these markets — you either have VPND already, or you have a node that produces VPND for you. Why is that so important and advantageous?

  • 40% of VAPE’s full supply of 21M tokens can only enter supply by using VPND to unlock & earn it

  • 75% of VAPE’s primary markets require VPND to participate in

  • 100% of VAPE’s primary markets allow node owners and VPND holders the opportunity to potentially earn VAPE below market cost

  • 90% of the full supply of 21M tokens require the collective staking of nodes by the community to generate the power needed to mint new VAPE tokens

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