VPND Liquid Mining


VPND Liquid Mining is the first direct single-sided mining function, where a user temporarily deposits their VPND in exchange for a dynamic % of scheduled VAPE reward emissions. Liquid Mining gets its name from the fact that a user’s TVL is still liquid in nature – being locked, but able to be accessed and withdrawn in short order.

VPND Liquid Mining is a recurring event that occurs in “mining seasons”, with a pool being created at the beginning of each season and depleted in-full at the end of the season.

VPND Liquid Mining emits fully minted VAPE tokens on a predefined emission schedule. The reward pool for each season is determined by the emission schedule for VPND Liquid Mining, with VaporFi Labs being able to reduce the pool size and escrow VAPE for future reward seasons as it sees fit.

VPND Liquid mining will run for at least 12.5 years, depending on management of reward allocations over time.

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