Range Limit Orders

Another really cool feature of Concentrated Liquidity pools is what is referred to a range limit order. With concentrated liquidity providers can choose to supply a single asset to a pool and set the threshold above or below the current market price. As we learned in the previous section when the asset pair exceeds the defined bounds established by the liquidity provider than one of the assets is converted entirely to the other. When both of these ideas are combined you effectively have the ability to place a limit order with Concentrated Liquidity pools.

This is another concept that could benefit from an example:

Suppose that Ren wants to get his hands on some more vape and he observes that the price of VAPE/WAVAX has fallen to a price of $.93. Ren could supply AVAX with a narrowly defined range above that such as $.930-$.931. Then if the price exceeds $.931 it will convert his AVAX to VAPE and then he can withdraw it before the price falls back down again.

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