What is Stratosphere?

• The first loyalty program in DeFi built to span multiple products and solutions, giving consumers a way to earn rewards across each one of VaporFi’s current and future products & solutions

• Membership is free and members can link all of their wallets to their membership to earn and save across our ecosystem regardless of the wallet they’re using

• Stratosphere members earn points, rewards, and refunds when they use VaporFi products – and can use their points to upgrade their membership to unlock enhanced & exclusive rewards

• Members will be rewarded for providing liquidity, swapping tokens, and even staking their $VPND – with future rewards expanding to also include transacting on VaporChain, referring new members, on-ramping fiat, and much more

• Projects launching on VaporDEX and VaporChain will be able to tap into Stratosphere’s personalized reward capabilities to airdrop rewards, tokens, and more to VaporFi’s built-in community of 30K+ users – allowing them to jumpstart their growth and consumer acquisition

• Our loyalty program will differentiate us as the most consumer-centric DeFi ecosystem in the world and give VaporFi the ability to reward consumers in a truly personalized manner – allowing us to offer personalized savings and incentives to grow lifetime consumer value, maintain gold-standard retention rates, and connect our consumers with the rewards and benefits that matter the most to them

• When fully deployed, our loyalty program and personalization abilities will allow VaporFi to provide its partners with quantitative and qualitative insights on how consumers interact with their projects – and even allow them to sponsor their own personalized reward campaigns to deepen the engagement of their own growing community

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