What to expect from VaporFi Labs during the Genesis event?

100% of the VAPE total supply is allocated for distribution and emission directly to the community, neither VaporFi Labs, nor any members of the VaporFi team will receive any tokens without participating in the primary markets.

VaporFi Labs will be committing a total of 2,000,000 VPND from our Operations treasury to surrender into the Genesis Pool when it launches. This will function as an initial influx of tokens to get the event started, and 1.98M of those tokens will in-turn be escrowed to replenish the VaporNode reward pool at the end of the event. The remaining 20K tokens will be part of the total amount burned from the Genesis event.

How can you participate in the Genesis event?

The Genesis Pool is only available to Stratosphere members. If you haven’t enrolled in Stratosphere yet — it’s free and you can do so quickly and easily on VaporDEX.

  1. Connect your wallet to VaporDEX

  2. Access the Genesis Pool by clicking on Genesis in the main navigation

  3. Scroll down to “Surrender Your VPND Here”

  4. Input the amount of VPND that you want to permanently surrender

  5. WARNING: Your surrender cannot be undone, and you cannot withdraw VPND. It will be permanently removed from your wallet

  6. Click “Surrender VPND”

Participants can make as many surrenders as they want. So if you have a surrender budget of 100K VPND, there’s nothing wrong with surrendering 10K ten different times if you want to monitor your share and watch for dilution.

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