Boost Score

Every 24 hours, users in the liquid mining season can boost their score. Boosting is only possible if the user has VPND in a locked state. When a user boosts their score – the boost is applied to the cumulative score increasing it by a specific percent, as determined by the type of boost used. The Boost impact is defined as ([Current Total Score]+([Current Total Score] x [Boost %]))

There is a base boost that is free to use for both members and non-members, as well as Enhanced Boosts that are only available to mining pass holders. Whenever a paid/enhanced boost is executed, this is how the revenue should be distributed:

· 60% to VaporFi Labs treasury

· 30% to VAPE-USDC mining reward pool

· 10% to Passport reward pool

**Note Within 24 hours of the seasons end. The boost will be disabled.

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