Seasonal Scoring

Liquid Mining rewards are driven by your Mining Score, not your VPND TVL, a spin on classic mining that will allow us to get creative with some gamified mechanics.

Every 24 hours, participants in the liquid mining season earn 1 point for every 1 VPND locked in the pool. If you have 50,000 VPND in the pool, you earn 50K points for your TVL. Unlocked VPND does not earn any new points.

Additionally, every 24 hours each user that is participating in the current season will be eligible for a one-time boost to their current cumulative Mining Score. This boost is applied to the current total score, allowing them to effectively compound their score daily – giving way to craft different boosting strategies.

There are four types of boosts that can be used. Only one of these can be used every 24 hours.

· Base – free to use, available to everyone including non-members

· Level 1 – only available to Stratosphere members, costs 2.0 USDC to use

· Level 2 – only available to Stratosphere members, costs 3.0 USDC to use

· Level 3 – only available to Stratosphere members, costs 4.0 USDC to use

Revenue generated from these boosts will be allocated and distributed as follows:

· 60% to VaporFi Labs treasury

· 30% to VAPE-USDC staking reward pool

· 10% to Passport reward pool

With 40% of the revenue from these boosts going right back to the VAPE-USDC staking reward pool, every time someone boosts, the transitive or indirect value of VAPE itself should increase as well.

Each participant can use up to (1) boost every 24 hours. They can choose to not use any boost if they want.

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