The Expanded Role of VPND

The expanded role of VPND

With the deployment of VAPE, the exciting transformation of VPND from a node token to a mining token will officially be complete. As we continue to grow the services, solutions, and products offered in the VaporFi ecosystem, VPND plays a new and critical role. It functions as both a governance token for VaporNodes as well as now also functioning as a mining token.

What is a mining token?

VPND as a mining token means that it will be taking on a specialized role as a token that can be used to mint, mine, and earn other tokens from and native to the VaporFi ecosystem. VPND’s value over time will evolve and adapt relative to what tokens it can help you unlock, and what the transitive value experience is for you through the acquisition of those tokens you mine using VPND.

Above and beyond this huge new role, VPND will continue to be emitted as rewards to VaporNodes — ensuring that node owners reap the benefits of our expanding ecosystem for years to come. Success for VAPE means success for VPND, creating a symbiotic relationship between their respective token economies (and the adjacent node economy).

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