Enhanced Staking (Indirect Emissions)

The second largest allocation of initial supply goes to Enhanced Staking which receives 30% of the total supply. With Enhanced Staking, we’re going to set a new standard for staking looks like in DeFi. Enhanced Staking will have its own unique economy and value experiences built around it — powered by NFTs that can only be minted using VPND.

60% of our community polled said that they wanted to see gamified and engaging staking mechanics for VAPE that go above and beyond the traditional set-it-and-forget-it staking practices of yesteryear. Enhanced Staking is not your average staking experience. You’ll need to develop and employ your own curated strategies to maximize your yield and out-position, out-maneuver, and out-pace your competition’s staking power.

While Enhanced Staking will require more of each participant, it will also be exceptionally more rewarding than the more traditional Liquid Staking concept. Emitting roughly 3x more VAPE per day on average to Enhanced stakers than the Liquid Staking pool will emit to Liquid stakers.

Enhanced Staking has its own set of unique mechanics that we’ll partially explore now, and then expand on in exceptionally great detail in a subsequent article deep-diving how Enhanced Staking works. For now, here’s an overview of this never-before-seen concept.

Here’s how it’s designed to work:

  • Anyone can participate, it’s available to members and non-members

  • Members will receive some perks and boosts not available to non-members

  • Participants can purchase Mining Equipment NFTs using VPND, and then deploy that equipment into the enhanced mining pool

  • Each piece of mining equipment functions as a stake in the pool, with its attributes determining what % of the pool’s rewards its eligible for

  • As Mining Equipment is purchased using VPND, 5.0% of the purchase price will be burned permanently, and the remaining 95.0% will be escrowed for replenishment back into the VaporNodes reward pool

  • Mining Equipment will be able to be re-sold on the upcoming Unchained NFT Marketplace

  • Participants in Enhanced Staking will earn VAPE materials instead of fully minted VAPE tokens

  • VAPE materials earned from enhanced staking will then need to be manufactured in order to be minted into fully transferable VAPE tokens

Creating enhanced staking pools and bringing NFT staking to life affords us the opportunity to not only accomplish our objectives for VPND, but also replenish the node reward pool, establish an additional source of revenue for VaporDEX and Passport — and also function as a substantial point of differentiation for GameFi enthusiasts.

Enhanced staking comes with a much more mechanic-heavy design, and we’ll be publishing additional details in a dedicated deep-dive as we get closer to its release. Please note that Enhanced Staking is currently slated to be the last primary market that goes online.

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