The maximum supply of VAPE that can ever exist is preset and limited to only 21,000,000 tokens. VAPE is designed to be extremely rare from the very beginning and become increasingly challenging to acquire as time passes.

How did we end up with a final design that incorporated such a specific supply?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will immediately see the significance of a finite supply of 21M tokens — a nod to Satoshi Nakamoto and the supply philosophy of Bitcoin. Regardless of personal beliefs, biases, or priorities — Bitcoin is the gold standard for cryptocurrencies in long-term value creation made possible by scarcity and increasingly complex and challenging hurdles required to acquire it.

Bitcoin has become a phenomenon that successfully transcended national borders, time zones, religion, and continents. The global awareness of Bitcoin has exploded in recent years, and every day more and more global citizens come to understand Bitcoin beyond what the price-action focused headlines state. Each day, people are beginning to understand that the genius behind Bitcoin was how effectively it has weaponized human desire for value acquisition to create a system of checks and balances on its own circulating supply — and therefore, also its long-term value potential.

We think that decentralized finance can and should be a foundational pillar in our global society and should also be able to transcend or improve upon all human-made constructs as needed, just as Bitcoin has been doing for years. For this to occur in a meaningful manner — DeFi needs to take the globe by storm just as Bitcoin has. So as we embark on our mission to bring decentralized finance to every corner of the planet — we want a token economy that embodies and perpetuates the same concepts and opportunities that have allowed Bitcoin to disrupt an antiquated industry and give way to innovative new ideas, concepts, and realities.

Let’s look at how the initial supply will be allocated for distribution.

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