Adding Telos to Metamask

The Telos network is compatible with Metamask and can be added using this link:

Telos ( TLOS ) Network Details :

Network Name: Telos EVM Mainnet Network


Chain ID: 40

Currency Symbol: TLOS

Block Explorer URL:

For those interested: our partners over at Lifi are working on adding TELOS to their system. In the meantime. you can bridge AVALANCHE tokens (BTC.b only) here: (Swap for BTC.b on avalanche. Bridge BTC.b to Telos EVM, add Telos gas) Telos will airdrop you .05 tlos, you can enable this by clicking "add" on the "gas on destination" option. (see image below) BTC.b token address on TELOS EVM - 0x7627b27594bc71e6Ab0fCE755aE8931EB1E12DAC

For those that prefer video format you can watch a step-by-step video on how to bridge from Avalanche to the Telos network here:

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